Industrial Plumbing

Waterworx Plumbing and Gas offers businesses of all kinds a comprehensive suite of plumbing, gas fitting, hot and cold water services, trade waste drainage systems and TMV testing solutions that meet individual client specifications efficiently and cost effectively. With their certified team of certified professionals offering tailor-made solutions that satisfy client specifications quickly.

Waterworx understands the significance of keeping businesses operating smoothly, which is why our goal is excellence, quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. For more information about how Waterworx’s industrial plumbing services can benefit your organization please reach out today and connect.

Trade Waste Drainage

Trade waste drainage is a crucial component of industrial plumbing systems, and it must be planned meticulously to ensure the safe and efficient removal of waste. Waterworx Plumbing and Gas are experts in trade waste drainage and offer installation, repair, and maintenance of trade waste systems.

Waterworx professional team provide regular maintenance services to keep your trade waste drainage system running smoothly. We can help your business operate in compliance with local regulations and standards while keeping your staff and customers safe.

General Plumbing

Waterworx Plumbing and Gas provides comprehensive general plumbing services to industrial businesses. Our experienced and professional staff use high quality tools and knowledge to tackle every plumbing problem from minor leaks to major installations.

With decades of experience, Waterworx Plumbing and Gas is a reliable partner for any business requiring general plumbing services.


Waterworx Plumbing and Gas offers comprehensive gas services to businesses. Our team of plumbers are well-versed in all aspects of gas systems, from installation to maintenance and repairs. We provide gas fitting, gas leak detection and repair, gas appliance installation, and compliance testing services.

Waterworx recognizes the importance of safe and reliable gas systems in industrial environments and are committed to providing top-quality services that meet or exceed industry standards. Waterworx is a trusted partner for businesses in need of professional and reliable gas services.

Hot & Cold Water

Waterworx Plumbing and Gas provides comprehensive hot and cold water services for businesses. Our professional team work in all aspects of hot and cold water systems from installation, maintenance, repairs, water heater replacement and repair.

Waterworx recognizes the significance of having reliable hot and cold water systems in industrial environments and is committed to offering top-quality services. Our knowledge and experience allows us to quickly identify and resolve any issue quickly with minimum disruption to business operations.

Hot Water
Flow & Return

Waterworx Plumbing and Gas provides businesses with hot and cold water flow and return services. Our team are skilled at installing, repairing and maintaining various hot and cold water systems.

From new hot water system installations, repairs to existing ones or ongoing maintenance needs – our team works closely with clients to deliver a tailored solution that addresses each cleint individually based on their needs.

TMV Testing

TMV testing is an integral component of maintaining safe and efficient hot water systems in industrial buildings. Waterworx provides comprehensive TMV testing services to ensure compliance with local regulations and standards, our staff uses high quality equipment to accurately test temperature and pressure control valves and diagnose any potential issues with them.

By working with Waterworx for TMV testing services, businesses not only ensure employee and customer safety but can avoid costly fines or legal liabilities. If your business requires TMV testing get in touch.

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